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A specialist forensic claim defence & sales audit company, working for food and drink suppliers to the big retailers, helping them to defend retrospective promotional funding claims and conduct complimentary sales audits of historic trading activity.

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Supermarkets have long conducted commercial audits using specialist forensic auditors, generating significant revenues doing so. Historically this has been unidirectional, with suppliers simply validating the claims presented, but with no visibility, or re-imbursement of any monies that might be due back to them.

Salitix are the specialist 'sales' forensic auditors who address this imbalance, conducting supplier focused audits to identify overfunds, or errors due back. We have developed the relationships, audit principles and reconciliation methodologies that enable a variety of suppliers to both defend, but also make counter claims where a supermarket instigates an audit.

In under 5 years we have generated millions of pounds of financial benefit for our clients, as well as freeing up valuable resource internally to focus on the current trading issues that are really important to them.

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Free appraisal of current audit process and evaluation of historic claims paid to identify opportunities.

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Last reviewed: 22 May 2017