Secret Sausages Marketing Challenge

Secret Sausages Marketing Challenge

About the Project

The Scobie & Junor Secret Sausages Marketing Challenge was developed as a partnership activity between Scobie & Junor, South Lanarkshire Council and SFDF as part of the SFDF Schools Programme.

Secret Sausages is a new company established by Scobie & Junor. The product range is an innovative and exciting product, 100% vegetarian sausages. Made only with vegetables and a few additional ingredients they have much fewer calories and less salt than traditional sausages and also count towards the 5 a day target. They are an ideal product for children and people interested in maintaining a healthy diet.

As a new company Secret Sausages were interested to find out what their target consumers thought of their products and how they should be marketed. As a socially responsible company they also wanted to support the local community and so the idea for an authority wide marketing competition was developed.

“Working with the pupils from the various schools was refreshing, inspirational and very rewarding."

Scobie & Junor

Project Partners, Aims and Objectives

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  • Develop positive links with local schools
  • Provide pupils with real life experiences and active and positive engagement with industry
  • Help pupils to gain practical skills
  • Help pupils to understand the links between subjects studied in schools and careers in food and drink.
  • Work as part of the local community
  • Promote health and wellbeing


Impact on breadth and depth of learning – learners produced more than could have been delivered through normal delivery of the curriculum, exploring real life situations in a real life context. Practitioners gained confidence in the delivery of food education as they saw learners exceeding all expectations.

Industry and stakeholder input – pupils really benefitted from the input of business partners and the school have established links that will be used in the future.

Terminology - The project provided a context for not just the process but helped in understanding some of the food related and also business related terminology

Active learning - having industry present a real proposition to pupils sparked a real interest in the activity and generated much more in depth active learning as a result.

Final event – having an inter schools final event was a great platform for schools to learn from one another and strive to achieve more.

How we did it

South Lanarkshire Council (SLC) contacted the Business Education departments in all secondary schools in the authority to identify interest and best timings for participation in this activity. Based on the responses from this survey and working with the Marketing Manager of Secret Sausages we developed a marketing brief aimed at secondary pupils but very much based on one that would be used by industry. This included associated timescales and anticipated outputs.

The brief was sent out via SLC to all Business Education departments in the local authority. Schools that took up the challenge then received a visit from The Marketing Manager of Secret Sausages who made a formal presentation to the pupils outlining the product and the brief in more detail. The Product Development Manager from Secret Sausages also attended these sessions to cook the products and allow the pupils to taste them. Both personnel answered questions relating to product development, marketing, the company and any other questions that the pupils and teachers had, they also made themselves available to answer subsequent queries by e-mail that pupils and teachers might have when developing their marketing plan.

Participating schools were asked to submit their presentations in advance of a grand final event at SLC headquarters where groups of pupils presented their pitch to the other schools and a panel of “Dragons” from Secret Sausages, SFDF and Education Scotland.

What we learned

Real Business Challenge – Pupils and staff benefitted greatly from having experienced industry input. The Marketing Brief was delivered by a marketing professional using real industry terminology and asking pupils to submit a real proposition that would be considered by industry. This is an experience that is very difficult to recreate in schools and gave participating pupils valuable experience and an advantage in experiencing what business expects.

Exploring the wider curriculum - staff enjoyed the opportunity to explore the wider curriculum through the project and were amazed by the extent to which learners made efficient use of technology and the amount of additional extra curricular work that they undertook to complete the project brief.
They were also amazed at the way in which the pupils stepped up to the challenge and the creativity which some of them employed to develop their proposition. Motivation was also increased.

Raising aspirations – Industry involvement in the activity provided pupils with access to a range of different job roles and skills requirements and also potential job and career pathways, all of which help to inspire and encourage young people.

What next?

Run similar authority wide activities – helps one company access many schools but we may have to examine the time commitment of the company as visiting many schools is very time consuming.

Promotion of activity as a CPD opportunity – involvement in this partnership provides an ideal opportunity for school staff to improve their knowledge of the industry through industry input.