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2 July 2018

FDF Scotland responds to Scottish Government Diet and Healthy Weight Plan

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In response to the Scottish Government's Diet and Healthy Weight Plan, David Thomson, CEO of Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scotland, said:

“FDF Scotland and its members take their role in tackling obesity very seriously. They are limiting portion sizes, reformulating products and educating consumers about the food they eat. There has been a great deal of progress made and our members will continue to play their part.

“It is good to see that the Scottish Government has committed £200,000 to help small and medium-sized enterprises reformulate their products. FDF Scotland is helping to shape this support package.

“We are deeply disappointed that the Scottish Government is pressing ahead with legislation to restrict food and drink promotions and advertising. Especially since there is no evidence of the effectiveness of these measures in reducing our waist lines. FDF Scotland has been clear that these restrictions are most likely to affect smaller Scottish businesses who use pricing and promotions to increase on-shelf visibility.

“Instead of punishing Scottish businesses we would urge the Scottish Government to work in partnership with the food and drink manufacturing industry to make a real difference to the health of the Scottish people.”

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Contact Kirsty Ritchie, Food and Drink Federation Scotland, at:, or 0131 222 8040.

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