Our Structure

Led by CEO David Thomson, the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scotland is part of the Food and Drink Federation (FDF). FDF Scotland focuses on Scottish specific issues that are of interest to our members.

Executive Committee

There are elected officers who work together to advise and support FDF Scotland on a broad range of issues and activities, at both a strategic and tactical level.

The committee consists of the Chair, Vice-Chair and representatives from a diverse range of member companies.

  • Chair: Dr Gary Stephenson, Devro plc.

    Gary StephensonGary is the Chair of FDF Scotland and Director for Global External & Regulatory Affairs at Devro (Scotland), a Scottish based global food casing company exporting to over 100 countries. His background is in parasitology, toxicology, chemical regulation, hygiene and nutrition providing a scientific and technical approach to regulation. He has over 30 years' experience in food regulation, initially with Procter and Gamble on fats and oils, snacks, soft drinks, juices, coffee, nuts and cake mixes for professional and consumer markets.

  • Archie Gibson, Agrico UK Ltd.

Gibson, Vice-
Chairman of SFDF Archie is the Managing Director of Agrico UK Ltd, a subsidiary of a Dutch farmers cooperative with 800 members. The company is a leading breeder and merchant of seed potatoes supplying more than 80 countries worldwide. Archie gained experience in a variety of land agent roles before joining the food industry in 1999. He represented Scottish supply chain interests in a far reaching review on food security and resilience led by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and British Standards Institute (BSI), resulting in the publication of PAS 96 Defending Food & Drink.

  • James Macsween, Macsween of Edinburgh

    James MacsweenJames is Managing Director of award-winning family business Macsween of Edinburgh. Macsween has expanded the market for haggis and black pudding through on-going product and management innovation. James has worked in every department from van driver to pie marker and shop assistant to haggis maker; starting fulltime in production in 1992. He is passionate about taking haggis to a new place in an environmentally and ethically sustainable manner.

  • Tony Dumbreck, Innovate Foods

Member: Tony Dumbreck, Innovate 
FoodsTony is Managing Director of Innovate Foods, one of the leading players in the UK, supplying coated starters into the major Foodservice operators in UK, Germany and other European countries. Tony grew up in a three generation family mushroom growing business. He was a founding partner in Golden Crumb Produce Ltd in Feb 1989, and took over the company in 1991, which subsequently became Innovate Foods.

  • Rachel Wicklow, Scobie & Junor

Member: Rachel Wicklow, Scobie & 
JunorScobie & Junor specialise in supplying the food industry with ingredients, packaging and machinery. Rachel launched Scobie & Junor's brand Secret Sausages, Vegetables in Disguise to trade March/April 2013, this is an example of how the company continues to innovate and diversify to develop the brand. Rachel has a marketing background, where she has held various roles for Gillette and Beam Global Spirits & Wines.

  • Jim Fox, Coca-Cola European Partners.

    Jim Fox, Coca-Cola 
EnterprisesJim has worked in the Coca-Cola system in Great Britain for over 25 years. He started his career at CCE managing and planning within the Supply Chain then moved to Sales and Marketing and was responsible for several of Coca-Cola's most important large national accounts. In his current role since 2005, he represents Coca-Cola European Partners in Government and Public Affairs working closely with elected representatives in Westminster, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

  • Colin Herron, General Manager, McCain Foods (GB) Ltd

    Colin Herron Colin is General Manager at McCain Foods' potato seed business in Montrose. He has worked in various positions at the company for over 20 years. Previously he worked as a Higher Agricultural Officer at the Scottish Government.

  • Sonja Bader, Sco-Fro Group Ltd

    Colin Herron Sonja is Group Commercial Director at Sco-Fro Group Ltd, a private ltd company, founded in Glasgow over 40 years ago. Sco-Fro imports a wide range of ambient grocery and frozen seafood products from around the world including - China, Thailand, India, Italy and Germany and supplies major multiple retail and foodservice companies across the UK, mainly under private label. Sonja has been with the business for over 30 years and has held a number of positions across the business in that time in sales, marketing and sourcing. Prior to joining Sco-Fro Sonja spent a few years in the Scotch whisky industry.

Members' Forum

As FDF Scotland is part of FDF, it enables industry members in Scotland to have direct input into the development, formulation and promotion of industry policy both in Scotland and the UK. FDF positions are developed and agreed following industry-wide consultation. Our Scottish Members' Forum allows any member with an interest in Scotland; the opportunity to have direct input into discussions on key issues affecting the industry and receive news and updates on relevant issues and opportunities.