Careers case studies

These case studies show the variety of rewarding careers food and drink has to offer.


Jamie Hutcheon, Director, Cocoa Ooze

“The industry is so diverse and the food and drink industry is one that is growing, so there are lots of opportunities.”

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Michael Young

Michael Young, Maintenance Engineer, Devro (Scotland)

“I would definitely recommend following the apprenticeship route to gain hands-on experience at the same time as academic qualifications.”

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Amy Oroko, Sustainability Manager, Matthew Algie

“It's a great privilege when I get to travel to see the impact of our relationships and projects with coffee growers.”

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Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, Founder, Genius Foods Ltd

“The food industry involves creativity, science, engineering, commerciality, international opportunities, strategy, finance, innovation – there is something for everyone and it is fast paced too. There is never a dull moment.”

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Zoe Smart

Zoe Smart, Channel Product Manager, Macphie

“I really enjoy being involved in the entire product development process from concept to launch.”

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Adam Young

Adam Young, Allocations Coordinator and Fieldsman, Agrico UK

"Initially it was the challenging and diverse nature of the role that attracted me, but I soon realised that primary production was a big industry in Scotland and one I wanted to forge my career in."

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Cat Hay, Policy and Industry Liaison Manager, FDF Scotland

"My job is to keep our members informed of government decisions that affect their business and represent the views of members to government, the public and the media."

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Sheena Ross, Project Engineer, Devro

"I coordinate projects to help improve our manufacturing process, aiming to make it more efficient and faster. This helps to increase the volume we manufacture therefore the amount of money the company makes."

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Leah Fairlie, Trainee Food and Drink Consultant, SAC Consulting

"I work in a Food and Drink Consultancy team that work with food and drink businesses to help them grow. I work with various clients from individuals, companies and organisations to the Scottish Government."

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Stephen Finnie, Baxters, Project Engineer

"I manage projects where the end result is an easier, quicker, less expensive or safer way to manufacture product."

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Wendy Pring, Managing Director, KCP Ltd

"I am responsible for supervising and monitoring all areas of work within the business to ensure that we do our work in a correct and safe manner."

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Last reviewed: 18 Jun 2020