Who we are

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scotland is an independent, industry funded trade association, representing food and drink manufacturers from major global brands through to small and medium-sized enterprises in Scotland.

The voice of food and drink manufacturing

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scotland is the Scottish trade association for food and manufacturers. We are a division of the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) representing food and drink manufacturers across the UK. Our membership is made up of food and drink companies of all sizes, from small family businesses through to major global brands.

We make sure our members' views are heard by the Scottish Government, the UK Government, other policy makers, politicians and the media.

Our Priorities

Ensuring Scotland's food is safe

Ensuring our food and drink products are safe is the top priority for the FDF and our members. It is vital that we maintain consumer confidence in the safety and authenticity of our food.

Improving the health of the Scottish People

Obesity is a huge public health challenge in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Our members take their role seriously. They are limiting portion sizes, making their products healthier and educating consumers about the food they eat. The best way to improve public health is to focus on how we achieve a balanced diet and keep active, and not on reducing any single nutrient or punishing food and drink businesses.

Minimising our effect on the environment

FDF Scotland and our members are serious about minimising the impact of food and drink production on our environment. Our members are preventing food waste, reducing packaging and plastics, making the most effective use of water, and reducing their food miles. The Scottish and UK governments must support the industry's efforts through funding and investing in science and innovation.

Attracting new talent into food and drink

To continue its success, the Scottish food and drink industry needs more talented people. Our skills initiative - A Future in Food – funded by the Scottish Government through Scotland Food & Drink - highlights the variety of careers on offer, the skills required by employers and the qualifications available. We work with partners to develop new qualifications that meet the needs of the sector.

Growing food and drink

We are proud to be part of the Scotland Food & Drink partnership. Organisations from across the food and drink supply chain, Scottish Government and support agencies work together with the ambition of growing the industry's turnover to £30bn by 2030.

Cross Party Group on Food

FDF Scotland is proud to provide the Secretariat to the Scottish Parliament's Cross Party Group on Food. The Group has a diverse membership and acts as a policy forum for discussion and updating on food issues in Scotland.

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